Ice Cream, Chloe Show, Camp Happy Heart, It’s Furtastic!!!

SO much fun! There is a new ice scream parlor at the bearywood mall, plus Camp Happy Heart, and A new Chloe Show! I even made my own ice cream parlor a week ago, and now it is up for buisness! Check out some pictures!

I didn’t get the ice cream parlors, but I think they’re awesome! Anyways more new NEWS!:

My sister Nicole just made a babv account! Her name is RosieStarShine86! Add her plzzz! K baiii baiii!




Do you want to work on my blog , Well here’s your chance! 🙂


* Has at least 500 hits on BABV Blog

*Must have a BABV Blog

*Will post at least 2-3 posts each week

*Will Obey all rules on this blog

*Played BABV at least for a year

* Know how to do screen shots


BABV Name:


Available Days:

How long have you been on BABV?:

BABV Blog:

Why do you want to work on my blog?:

How will you help me?:

Any special techniques you have on the computer(OPTIONAL)?:

What will you do when someone disobeys the rules on my blog?:

Email your applications to my email,


Sorry guys bad news.

Hey everyone it’s AJ here with some good/bad news. Well I will be taking a 3 week vacation. kinda, my niece (only 7 months younger than me) is visiting me for about a month this summer, then we have the carnival down here, the 4th, etc etc. So, I will come on, just not as often I need to give some people some notes though:

Mary & Milagros: You are in charge of the blog while I’m gone, and milagros? Please make sure that Mary puts the Special Furry Fun text scroller at the top of each current post? And if Lexi comes back, idk when she will if her computer is having problems, just tell her to make a party post and host it or something. I count on you 2 to have things in order, when I get back I expect no drama, fights etc. I hope you 2 can handle that.

To everyone else: While I’m gone it isn’t gonna be you can do whatever. Milagros and Mary will 99.9% tell me everything if something goes on. And if there’s complaining on she/he started it, I’m just gonna ban whoever was involved for a week or more, depending on how bad it was.

Well I guess that’s all. I’ll hope to see u guys soon! Imma miss you all. Farewell my friends.


Okay, guys. Thanks for sticking on to me. 😛 Okay, I made a new blog. NEW BLOG. It is called SO REMEMBER THAT IS ME, MARY. LOL. I won’t be using NO MORE.



5 Star Rocking Restaurant! ;)


Yoo! >.< Well this summer I’m opening a restaurant called, 5 Star Rocking Restaurant. Where everything is GOOD! Here, we have EVERY FOOD KNOWNED. ^^

There's only three things  you need to know.
Den?: Australia, Honey Hill
Time? : About 12:00  Central Time (I can't promise you that I get on exactly at 12:00)

The Carnival is back baby YEAH!

Not the “Real” Carnival in BABV, MINE! Remember I had a whole load of stuff! This year it’s improved! There is…

*—-*= New!

Food Court: Milkshake Stand, *Burgers, Hot Dogs*, *Candy Land, (Donuts, ice cream, cotton candy, the sweets) & Lemonade* and the Balloon Stand

Game Area: Duck Pond, *DDR* (Dance Dance Revolution) and *Photo Time!*

Rides: Carousel, and *Bumper Rides*

Entertainment: *Nikky the clown,* and *Parade around town*

Sounds fun? It was fun last year! It has new stuff this year so it’s gonna be awesome! If you have anything to suggest that sounds fun to you leave a comment below and tell me! And Take a screen shot of one of these tickets and tell me below that you took one, because that’s the only way you’re gonna get through. Tickets are free!

The carnival will be opening this weekend! And it will go through all of the Summer! Well, tomorrow IS the weekend so I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow! By the way, if you’re wondering about “Photo Time,” it’s a thing that will cost you only 10 bear bills per person and you can take a picture with your best friends and I will post them on a new page called “Carnival Pics” and you can take yours and make it your walpaper, youtube backround, idk, you could do whatever! So anyways that’s all for now! Bye!

For the JulianeBubbles Fans!

 If you are a Furry, and a Bubblous, I suggest comming here this summer for events, posts and more because as you know, Juliane’s blog is Closed for the Summer. When Juliane gets back, I will be leaving the next day for about a week because a family get-together and won’t have internet, well, I might, idk if the cabin has a computer, it’s one of those fancy ones you know with the loft and 2 stories and granite counter-tops? Yeah, it’s nice. Anyways! Yup, and by the way New music video on the way! Whoo-Hoo! Alright well ily ❤ BAAAAAAI!