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Need some help on  babv? Or are you confuced of what I said? either way, quote what I/one of my authors said, and I’ll make it so you can understand! Please do not ask me about wordpress or photobucket, I know I had a little help, but I shouldn’t of asked, I needed to learn the other way with no help, so please respect that thanks! And ask away!


34 Responses

  1. How do you get all those pictures of you in the backround? Like where it says Special Furry Fun. I know, you might not answer comuterquestions. But I was hoping you could help me. I have WordPress too, if that helps!

    • Sarah,
      this is kind of a photobucket question and WP. question, so i can’t help you with that sorry!

  2. OK. I have another question. Do you know anyone that’ll tell me?

  3. Oh yeah! i figured it out AJ!

  4. yeah i told you but it isn’t figuring it out for your self

  5. Ya. True Daisy, thanks,

  6. What is the Special Furry Fun! page? Thanks

  7. Its AJ’s awesome show.

  8. hi. how do you make your blog pw protected????? i have tried and tried but i cant find out how.

  9. I can’t answer that because,

    1. I don’t know how to do that.

    2. It’s a rule to NOT ask me about photobucket or WordPress

    so either way srry I understand why you want to do that because everybody’s blogs are going to wreck, but either way, it doesn’t matter if your blog goes to private, because anyone can access it if they get your user name and password correct, or they could be one of your authors and I suggest, you change your publicity name in your profile like I did.

  10. What day is the prom now?

  11. what about if you do not know that you have commented 20 or more times ?

  12. BabyButtercup,
    it’s probably not gonna happen but I suggest you keep track of how many comments you have posted.

  13. who can comment in the workers lounge? I know workers can, but who are the workers??? thanks for the help!!! =]

    • Miranda,
      thank you for asking if you look on the job list there will be question marks by people’s names those are people that I want in the places, but they decide!


      Sincerely, AJ

  14. Hey!
    can I be assistant for vice president?

  15. ok. thanks for the help.

  16. i looked at the list. i have 2 quetions:
    1) wat do reporters do?
    2) i could be assiant president

    I’ll do any job you want me to do

  17. *cough* how many times do I have to ask Don’t ask for jobs!!!!!!! It’s my PET PEEVE and a RULE!


    Reporters go to the report page if they see something bad before I can take care of it.

  18. Sorry… I didn’t know… Please don’t hate me… I posted that comment on the wrong blog – it wasnt ment to come here. 😦

  19. Oh ok Katie, that’s understandable, and u are also new here too.

  20. sorry! I didnt know we COULDN’T ask for jobs. my bad. I could be a reporter if you like. If you have another job you want me to do beside this one thats fine.

  21. Miranda, you can only have 1 job I’ll put you down for reporter

  22. I know I can have one job. I was just saying if you want me to do a different job then reporter, thats fine.

  23. hey AJ i get on your chat page thing and i remember you gave me another URL for the chat. i forgot it can you please give me the chat box URL? because when i get on the chat page no ones on there. 😦

  24. im not asking for a job coz juliane has given me one but is a reporter someone who writes posts?

  25. Hey Aj!
    What is The Build-A-Bearville chatbox that you all are talking about?

  26. how do you get in the worker lounge?

  27. how do you get a job?

  28. I can answer all Photobucket questions if you need help with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. AJ, Where’s the award page gone?

  30. @Aj: stop thinking i am so called person caleld unknown u got ur facts wrong and i am really mad at u cause i know i am not so get it right i am tired of people thinking i did something when i didn’t if u want me 2 unknown i can but i not gonna cause i do not like unknown people i think their rude so if u got a problem with me then u should talk 2 me about it instead of saying i know ur secret when it is not a secret that i am not unknown then after i say im not ur just gonna ignore me on the chat thing well guess what check the ip or whatever numbers again on the unknown people cause i am not unknown! NOT I TELL U NOT!

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