For Beginners

Hello Special Furry Fun Viewers! I’m AJ the owner of Special Furry Fun! If your new to BABV, BABW, or even this site! You’ve chosen the right place to go for help, codes and even more! I’m just starting this blog, please do not try to push me forward into higher levels, I will disobey it. If you see a page that is protected by a password, and don’t know what it is, please post your question on the help page!

You can also get a job by doing nice work, but please don’t ask, more info is on the job list!

You may see people getting really weird and strange, if there that way, report it on the Report page if I don’t get to it quickly enough!

See some people chatting? that’s actually where you can chat with them on the comment page, you can even share some things about you on the Sharing page if you want!

If someone is scamming(which means trying to pretend to be someone else) report that too!

That’s all I got oh and need some universal codes? check out Codes it will tell you how to enter the codes too!

Sincerely, AJ

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