Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! WHATEVER! This is a gift from you to me… CODES FOR YOUR ONLINE CHARACTER IN BABV!!!!!!!!!!

1000 bearbill codes each! ALL EXPIRED!

1. J94P-WJ64-NX2K

2. W3YH-8B45-527M

3. TK3Z-6V8P-V48L

4. PEOP-BABW-2008

5. EMBY-BABV-2008

6. 7LN5-T4B5-44YH

7. BASE-BALL-1000

Hannah Montana Outfit Code:



Explorer hat code:
1. NGKS-BABV-2008



Honey Shake code:
1. J955-K8S5-3WX9



Valentine Emoticon code:
1. Y226-BW25-DX63



Milk Code:
1. MILK-RCKS-2008



T-Shirt Code:
1. 966B-62G6-9B3P



Corbin Bleu Poster Code:
1. 24T7-5347-CH6G



Pom-Pom Code:
1. 3QGG-WM48-35MQ



Cheerleading Move Code:
1. TM45-ZWX9-J732



Megaphone Code:
1. JBM4-4YV3-5578



Virtual Locker Code:
1. N2FV-PQ7L-79R3



Bear Hug T-Shirt Code:
1. BEAR-HUG8-2008



Flag Code:

Cow Bell Code:



Snow Boots Code:
1. NGK4-BABV-2008



Baker’s Apron Set:
1. RH7K-4X3W-88MG



1. Bearthday Bear- (You can Paint it!) JBQC-R6K7-W46M
2. Bear Ballet- (You can Paint it!) F542-3443-9NJL
3. Beary Sweet Figurine- BYKL-23CW-ZC62
4. Time To Paws Figurine- HG3R-4266-6R35
5. Friendship Is A Gift Figurine- 893R-SL9F-3GLC

6. Pawsome Soccer Figurine-

Snow Globes:
1. Be Beariffic- D822-Z895-KC9W
2. Pawfect Princess- QCRH-7S42-S24R
3. Happy Bearthday- MRCC-4FS8-FH6M
4. 100% Pawsome Cheerleader- QR33-66DY-5XCS

1. Pawfect Princess Frame- 6S87-223B-78H2
2. Happy Bearthday Frame- 79T5-2N9G-9234
3. Be Beariffic Frame- 983W-9J9R-3H6Q

4. Time To Paws Frame-

Sewing Machine:
1. X9CN-QXF2-Y88Y
Play House:

1. 23D2-DSCZ-C968



Bloomington Poster: TOUR-BABW-0704
Las Vegas Poster: TOUR-BABW-0293

New York City Poster: TOUR-BABW-7270

Baraboo Poster: TOUR-BABW-0045



please only give codes that are not fake and are not expired or if not used



18 Responses

  1. Here are some NEW codes that ACTUALLY WORK so you can put on here:

    Bloomington Poster- TOUR-BABW-0704

    Las Vegas Poster- TOUR-BABW-0293

    New York City Poster- TOUR-BABW-7270

    Baraboo Poster- TOUR-BABW-0045

    😀 Your welcome!

  2. they wook

  3. uhh… thank…you???

  4. i have a code 4 u…..but its on my blog….

  5. Uh Caroline, it’s either share the code or share the blog I don’t mind read what your blog is.

  6. OMG!
    I read them all on Katie’s!

  7. hello how do u get the little smileys?
    thx again,

  8. o yeah and also ur pics?

  9. whats up with the hannah montana code

  10. The Hannah Montana code is a universal code for a for hannah montana outfit.

  11. AJ, the 7LN5-T4B5-44YH code still works. You should update the list a little, and add the other codes too. I have some beary rare poster codes no one else knows about, and they WORK! Just click my name and go to the codes page! :mrgreen:
    MelissaMusicBear8 of MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog

    ~Don’t change for anyone, no matter what anybody says!~

  12. Oh hi. I was wondering do u have Welcome Pass codes unused? Please send them to

  13. Faith-

    Since you are new here I am going to give you a warning, you can not ask me for any codes like that. Did you ever read the rules?

  14. What the heck are welcome passes anyway??? I have this pass and it has some kind of apple or tomato on it, I kept it since IDK what it is… is that a welcome pass??? xx

  15. thanks for the codes! most of them worked for me 🙂

  16. hannah montana omg! I LOVE HER

  17. i hate/dislike hannah montana

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