School Is In Session!

 Good morning class. Or should I say future class. I am making a school for back to school. It will help kids or teens with math, science, social studies, language arts, reading, also History! Plus, it’ll be just like school, just cooler! And funner! If you would like to join, please fill out the fourm here: Dress Code will be up soon, so will the schedual! 🙂 Enjoy!


4 Responses

  1. I’ll join! but not right now cause I am on my wii writing this.
    I do a magic school each halloween at my cubby.
    Has your carnival finished?? when can I get my duckie pond back 😦

  2. School! Only a better school! Yey!

  3. AJJJ!! listen to this weird comment this girl wrote on my blog:
    Hello aflie i ever saw you gross and uglyest face ever i peeked into your window last night and say you when you took a bath i am your nebighor knock on my door tomorrow at 6:00 and we will talk why i hate you and your fake ok
    i am calling the police that you made an ilegal fake blog and your blogs don make sense and i am 16 and i have tattos and percings so i will rob your house tonight so bring a gun hahahhahahaha now this blog that i wrote is scary cuase your going to be dead 😀
    there is so many things wrong with this comment:
    1. I never took a bath last night
    2. I dont have baths I have showers
    3. all of my neighbours are adults not 16 year old girls.
    4. how does she even know where I live
    I found this comment in the spam 5 mins ago..
    what you think?? 😐

  4. okay 1, someone is just jealous of u, 2 don’t even approve it, move it to the trash. 2nd of all, if there is an “actual” email address that you can contact her at, stop, block, and tell your parents about it so they can send her a message telling her to quit, that’s what I had to do with someone who was harrassing me for months, dad finally sent him a message and left me alone.

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