New Bearville Times- Plus Bell Move!

Last thursday (sorry I forgot to post) there was a new bearville times with a new item! A bell move!


Plus I went to the zoo yesterday (Saturday, July 10th, 2010) I did not get any pictures, but what I do knoiw is when you started working, you get this cool safari outfit! Kind of like the waitor/waitress outfits for the coffee shoppe, except you can wear them at ALL times.

Well, other then that… I will be still running my carnival and ice cream parlor all summer long in BABV, make sure to get a chance to check it out!


5 Responses

  1. u need to move the special furry fun thing to the latest post. lol :mrgreen:

  2. it was already there, I just forgot to cut it XDDDDD

  3. ok i said that before i saw the one on the last post. lol

  4. My new video, turkey single ladies lol:

  5. don’t advertise on peoples blogs

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