Do you want to work on my blog , bunnybearycute100.wordpress.com? Well here’s your chance! 🙂


* Has at least 500 hits on BABV Blog

*Must have a BABV Blog

*Will post at least 2-3 posts each week

*Will Obey all rules on this blog

*Played BABV at least for a year

* Know how to do screen shots


BABV Name:


Available Days:

How long have you been on BABV?:

BABV Blog:

Why do you want to work on my blog?:

How will you help me?:

Any special techniques you have on the computer(OPTIONAL)?:

What will you do when someone disobeys the rules on my blog?:

Email your applications to my email, bunnybearycute100@gmail.com.



4 Responses

  1. how do i get a blog like this

  2. hi XDD
    i am on everyday mostly but if i got alot of homework
    3 and a half years
    i could advertise on my blog to and post alot i guess
    well i type 102 words per minute and i love to blog XDD
    i dont know how to do screenshots cause my stupid computer wont do it
    i got atleast 230 hits on my blog cause i dont advertise it
    Sorry i could not email it to you my dad looks at my emails strictly everyday -.-

  3. please do not email me i cannot recieve emails for right now until i get my dad off of my back XDD

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