Sorry guys bad news.

Hey everyone it’s AJ here with some good/bad news. Well I will be taking a 3 week vacation. kinda, my niece (only 7 months younger than me) is visiting me for about a month this summer, then we have the carnival down here, the 4th, etc etc. So, I will come on, just not as often I need to give some people some notes though:

Mary & Milagros: You are in charge of the blog while I’m gone, and milagros? Please make sure that Mary puts the Special Furry Fun text scroller at the top of each current post? And if Lexi comes back, idk when she will if her computer is having problems, just tell her to make a party post and host it or something. I count on you 2 to have things in order, when I get back I expect no drama, fights etc. I hope you 2 can handle that.

To everyone else: While I’m gone it isn’t gonna be you can do whatever. Milagros and Mary will 99.9% tell me everything if something goes on. And if there’s complaining on she/he started it, I’m just gonna ban whoever was involved for a week or more, depending on how bad it was.

Well I guess that’s all. I’ll hope to see u guys soon! Imma miss you all. Farewell my friends.


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  1. hello! remember me? well, yeah. nice blog! PEACE

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