The Carnival is back baby YEAH!

Not the “Real” Carnival in BABV, MINE! Remember I had a whole load of stuff! This year it’s improved! There is…

*—-*= New!

Food Court: Milkshake Stand, *Burgers, Hot Dogs*, *Candy Land, (Donuts, ice cream, cotton candy, the sweets) & Lemonade* and the Balloon Stand

Game Area: Duck Pond, *DDR* (Dance Dance Revolution) and *Photo Time!*

Rides: Carousel, and *Bumper Rides*

Entertainment: *Nikky the clown,* and *Parade around town*

Sounds fun? It was fun last year! It has new stuff this year so it’s gonna be awesome! If you have anything to suggest that sounds fun to you leave a comment below and tell me! And Take a screen shot of one of these tickets and tell me below that you took one, because that’s the only way you’re gonna get through. Tickets are free!

The carnival will be opening this weekend! And it will go through all of the Summer! Well, tomorrow IS the weekend so I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow! By the way, if you’re wondering about “Photo Time,” it’s a thing that will cost you only 10 bear bills per person and you can take a picture with your best friends and I will post them on a new page called “Carnival Pics” and you can take yours and make it your walpaper, youtube backround, idk, you could do whatever! So anyways that’s all for now! Bye!


10 Responses

  1. Awesome, srry don’t feel like loging on to my account xD Can’t wait

  2. Hmm… Can I have the green admission ticket?

  3. Where and when is the carnival?

  4. Caleb as I said it’s tomorrow at my condo main, patio, and backyard.

  5. The carnival is TOMORROW??!!


  7. i took all the tickets~~!! =) sounds TOTALLY FUN!!!

  8. I took the blue ticket 😀 cant wait!

  9. i got ALL THE TICKETS
    on youtube,im disneychannel1295

  10. Hey
    i got a yellow ticket and was wondering when,where it is?
    please reply
    ASAP 😛

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