Diid anyone realise this?

Hi KristyFebruary1 here, if you know JulianeBubbles You should know AJ is sick… very sick. Anyways I will be taking her spot for a bit! So here’s my post for today!

So, I was on AJ’s account, and I saw in her quests, a “Huggable Heroes” quest. You have to wacth all 3 videos of Huggable Heroes to get a prize, so I did, and this is what I got for AJ :D!

Very weird… Why would it be a “Hero” sandwich? Is it just the theme? Cuz it’s not like a sandwich is a hero XD, anyways, yup I guess that’s it ok bye!



One Response

  1. You are wrong!! Sooooooooooo veeeeeeeeeeeery WRONG!! Sandwiches ARE heros!! Without them, Everyones heart would be broken… LOL XP

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