Partty Time!

Hey guys! 🙂 This will be my first time hosting a pawsome party on this blog! Here’s the imformation:

Who: YOU. Yes, YOU! >.<

What: PARTY and GAME time! 😛

When :  April 25th, 2010

Time: 12:00 – 2:30 P.M Central Time

Where: Austrilia, Honey Hill at The Secret Coffee Shop Place

Why: To have a great time together!


At 12:00 – 12:30 P.M we’re going to eat  and swim at the Secret Coffee Shop Place . You could trade with me  to get free food from my inventory. I got a lotta stuff to choose from! 


12:30 – 2:30 – We’re going to play a game called, ” Can you find it? ” This is how you play

1st : I’m going to give you a clue

2cond: Then you have to look all over buildabearville to find what the clue leads to.

3rd: You have to go back to the starting point which is the Secret Coffee Place and tell me your answer. The one who solves it and gets back to the starting point FIRST you get a point.

Note : Repeat those things up there ^. We are going to play 10 rounds.


PRIZE:  The prize is a secret, but i’ll tell you one thing they’re 3 credit items and bbs!




2 Responses

  1. Note: Nither you or Milagros moved the text scroller to the top of the post. Please do that next time.


  2. What do you mean by that?

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