Just only 3 times okay???

Ugh, I ♥♥♥ My viewers, I just can’t stand not posting for you guys, so I’m gonna post only 3 times until Summer, okay guys? So, New Paws Fur Nature, thanks to the wonderful, JulianeBubbles, and so I would like to show, my answers that I just got,

Anyone want breakfast? Maybe? No? Okay… no just kidding! Alright well anyways Love Ya!

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀


4 Responses

  1. heey Aj 🙂 Do you want to join my contest!? Theres a 50 50% you’ll winn! because i know you make good videos! http://marycuddles23.wordpress.com/2010/03/17/americas-got-talent/

  2. I can’t make videos anymore, not unless I directly upload them from a camrea, but I’ll check it out anyways.

  3. aj,look i am a big fan u r my friend on babv, but i stopped going on your blog because you or anyone else never post. i am sorry but the truth of the matter is: you have made me frusterated & you have made me mad and you have made me sad and you have wasted my time. so right now i am writing the last comment. trust me you will post like 50 times. you are just making up excuses for you not to post. good luck defending yourself because it is not possible. good riddance 4ever.

    {oh ps 2 new people don’t bother with her blog}

  4. Alright whatever “someone” I don’t give a crap, if you realise I have a busy life, how about you shut up and get a life, you don’t know what I deal with at school, I am at one of the most top schools in my state, and top schools mean lots and lots of HW, so if you wanna be mean go ahead, but if you just shut up and go back to your life you would have to deal with this, okay? Alright, and now you just got yourself banned. So never ever come back and idc, your just one viewer, so what? I’m sucessful, so I don’t need you.

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