AwEsOmE dUdE!!!

You like it? I know, I’m awesome, lol, just kidding. Anyway! As you can see, NeW wIdGeTs! I’ll give you a heads up on what they are:

Subscribe: Is your internet not working? But still, your email is? Or is it just wordpress and buildabearville? Well, no need to worry! If you want your info before you log in next time to buildabearville, Hit that button! Because you will need it at least SOMETIME!

2010 Bears: Like I said, no more posts about Buildabears, I have a widget for that now! Need it? USE IT!

What Time is It?: This is where you can look at the clock and see what time it is there, it will be very helpful for parties, and if there will be a party going on, there will be timezones below it, so you can see what time you’d have to be there, and you can check out the time while your at it, isn’t that neat???

Comming Soon Widget(s):

Buildabearville Music: Do you want to listen to some BEARY FURtastic music from Buildabearville? Well put those headphones on, or turn up the speakers! You can listen to your favorite jams of buildabear music, and you don’t have to log in!!!

Okay, I have to admit, they are crazy, and I had to add a little bit of humor to the mix, but, I have to say something:

There has been a lot of things going on, (please do not asked or shall get banned) and I don’t want to do this but, Camp Swinter is postponed till next Winter, due to the things that have been going on. Anyways, again, I’m sorry, so I hope you find something else to do this winter :(… See you later…

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀


3 Responses

  1. no camp swinter!? i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this what am i gonna do now?

  2. Not to be rude but deal with it. Besides, this gives me more time to get more PAWSOME stuff for camp swinter 😀

  3. ok i am sorry you are absolutely right and I am so wrong. oh by the way didn’t you say there would be ***something*** .

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