sorry i havent posted i been really busy with school and im leaving for a trip friday so yeah i hope i get to post some stuff i hope im not fired so just telling ya 🙂 see ya

Sincerely, NikkyRockStar


8 Responses

  1. Thank you for telling us Nikky, but just to remind you, you have to CUT the text scroller off of the old post after your done copying onto the new post 😀 and always put your signature at the bottom so we won’t have to wonder who it is, Well of course, I know, but maybe some other people won’t

  2. Nikky, It’s ok, lolz

  3. And by the way guys, check out the new clock I just put up on the sidebar, it’s cool, is it not? lol

  4. WOW! That’s so cool!!! Pawsome!!

  5. it is and thanks Tabby are you new around here?

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