News News News!!!

Okay you guys, I just have a little bit of news!

Alright guys! Guess what? There’s awesome things to come around the clock!!! Take that corner straight into buildabearville and you got AWESOMENESS! lolz, okay, so! Take a look at the updates for my blog, and buildabearville!

Special Furry Fun

New Widgets: I have 2 new widgets! It’s pawsome!!! One is a link to my youtube channel, and the other, is the latest bears that came out each month!

No Bear Posts: I won’t be posting about bears then anymore, you will just have to see the latest bears on the widget! (example: January 2010 Bears)


Chloe Show: That’s right! There is a new person on the Chloe Show, can you guess who it is?


New iCarly Bear: The new iCarly bear looks totally pawsome, and cute! Plus, there’s a beary special quest comming soon! Check it out!


New Be Mine Dalmatian Bear: Just in time for Valentines Day! Aww! Don’t you just wanna squeeze it right now??? Look!


Well that’s all for now, and sorry guys, Camp Swinter won’t be going on till next winter, sorry! It’s because I am trying to add onto it, but I want to see if they would add anymore furniture to make it look cooler, but on the bright side, comming soon, me and my BFF have made a waterpark resort! It probably won’t be opening until the flowers started blooming in buildabearville!

Okay, that’s all for now, I hope to see you guys soon! Bye!!!

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀

Information thanks to:
Buildabearville’s Bearville Times
Bubbly/Zebra Build-A-Bearville Help
Post Decor thanks to:

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