Come on already!

Ever tired of typing well not anymore, you still have to type but not very much, I got a shortlink for free!!! So here’s the url, ( still works by the way)

Does it confusing? Don’t worry, it’s really simple, just remember:

wp= wordpress
me= sashapawfect7
tApf= Tap “F”

It’s that simple, then you end up with! Alright, well I think I said enough, I’m already over 80 words so, anyways, you guys are awesome, and I hope you guys try out the new shortlink, okay so later furries!

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀

PS: Comment here if you didn’t get your friend request or shirt!


2 Responses

  1. My shirt isn’t red.. It’s brown.. lol.. Do you remember that day?

  2. i got the friend request but i didn’t get my shirt!!! please send it to me. i already bought a whole green out fit!

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