Camp… ???

Hey guys, AJ here, and I just wanted to inform you, since the snow in buildabear is kind of lame, (my oppinion) I like Summer better, so I’m going to make a Summer in Winter Camp, and so, I need you to decide!


You can only vote once, it will kind of be like camp happy heart, everyone who joins will be split up into teams, and will have to earn bearbills, I do suggest kids 9+ should do this due to the lack of kids who are older. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, so Talk to you later, and I hope you guys come and join this winter!

Voting ends December 25th.

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀


12 Responses

  1. i would LOVE to join

  2. Thanks Flora! It will start up around sometime next week!

  3. Me too, sounds real fun.

  4. Yeah, it sounds pawsome. Do you have any preview images?

  5. Hey AJ, for some reason I can’t access your chat, and it’s member only. You did say everyone is welcomed, right?

  6. Nicole,
    I will in a few days when I put the registration forms out.

    You would have to catch me at the right time when I’m on the chatbox, or tell one of my owners, AJ said to let me in as a member.

  7. OOH! Sounds cool. Can’t wait for the form. X-MAS TOMORROW!

  8. By Emily, you mean me right? I guess so. Could I be a member?

  9. Is it like Total Drama sland?

  10. or more lke swinter from phineas and ferb?

  11. or like a combination maybe?

  12. Nick, it’s just like CHH (Camp Happy Heart) you should join!

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