Hi im NikkyRockstar im the new worker here! im so glad to be here with all of you! im so excited to be working in such a great blog you will be hearing alot about me 🙂 dont forget to vist my youtube acount and subscribe and also add me on babv! thanks AJ for letting me work here yall rock! =)! thanks!


14 Responses

  1. Welcome Nikky! But if you haven’t noticed, I wanted you to be my Co-President

  2. Hey Aj does Nikky hate me too and what did I do to you please tell me I wanna restart,Please?

  3. thanks and ok 🙂

  4. Nikky do you hate me? 😦

  5. Hi,Aj!Remember yesterday.wanna go on your chat box again?

  6. nick can you come to my chat I want to ask you something

  7. sure rosetta and of course not emily!

  8. Nikky, I don’t mean to bug you, but can you work on mine too!

    (..I’m so sorry……………….)

    • Sonny, this is AJ, the blog owner, please do not ask Nikky on my blog, it’s tempting for other people to ask then, and it’s kind of like asking me to work on your blog, and that’s kind of one of my rules, please don’t be mad at me. if you can, ask Nikky for her email and ask her there, I rather not look at the comments. Because it’s just kind of rude (in my way) anyways,

      Sincerely, ♀AJ♀

  9. Aj you hate me?

  10. AJ, you have a really pawsome blog! We should meet up on BABV some time. Also I’d be honoured if you visited my blog (http://laurensmiley260.wordpress.com).

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