Santa Baby, I love the snow!

Funny isn’t it? lolz, the thing is my first ever music video is out! Watch Below…
Click here for my Channel!

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Plus, as you can see, it is snowing on my blog! How You ask? You want it to snow on your blog too? Well, if you want snow, hurry, because wordpress is only doing this until January 4th I believe, so, here are instructions on how to get snow on your WordPress blog:

1. Go to your blog’s Dashboard
2. Go to Appearance
3. Click “Extras”
4. Check the box that says “Let it snow on your blog” (or something)
5. Click “Save Extras” (at the bottom) and check your blog!

It should be snowing by the time you look at your blog after you have made changes!

And As you may know I am in a election for Co- President of Bubbly/Zebra Build A Bearville Help! (Click here for Bubbly/Zebra Build A Bearville Help! Home) You will find my speeches somewhere on the “Home” which is where the posts are, there are 2 of them, you’ll see them because they will have my signatures at the bottom of them and it will meantion something about speeches, so anyways, see ya furries, and remember…

Sincerely, ♀AJ♀


4 Responses

  1. Milagros told me that you would give a prize if someone voted for you. It’s a good idea but I do not think that its fair. They will go for the product and not your true vote. It reminds me of a lesson I learned about “Political Bosses” in Social Studies. They are people who has a lot of money and take advantage of whoever they want. They cause corruption for example, they bribe people to vote for this person and they count the ballots for whoever people vote on and if the person that the boss gets higher ballots, he removes them so his person could win but he does it for money. He also takes advantage of people like the poor. Sure he might give the homeless person a home, food, money, clothes, etc. but later on he will try to bribe that same person for something he wants it and will cost you a lot of debt. So I call that “Virtual Political Bribing” and like I said, I don’t think it’s fair for others that want a fair and square vote.

  2. BTW best music video so far!

  3. Yes, I guess that’s true Juliane, but I was thinking, remember on the elections for buildabearville? I was trying to make it more… I don’t have the word for it right now, but you probably know.

    And about my music video, thanks! I worked on it for 2 weeks and I’m giving the exact video to my Parents on a CD for Christmas!

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