Sorry! Late Post…

Sorry about the late post guys, I was busy over the weekend, so anyways, As you guys MAY know, the Mystery seed was a tree House! So, wondering what they look like? Here are some pictures!


So, that was the Tree House, pretty cool isn’t it?

There’s a new Paws Fur Nature Magazine, sorry there’s no pictures, I didn’t get enough time! But this month is ALL about Turkeys! Gobble Gobble!

Plus, want some signed autographs by me, AJ? Well, here are the 5 autographs you can choose from!


Here are the simple instructions:

1. Leave your Build-A-Bearville Name

2. Leave Your Email

3. Leave what number Autograph(s) you want

Autographs from me cost 100 bb each!

So, Happy Holidays!

From, your Build-A-Bear Friend,



4 Responses

  1. Isn’t that a little self-centered 😆

  2. Name on BABV: TiffanyTeddyBear36
    I want 1 autograph
    Total: 100 bb

  3. oh, and I want #4 autograph
    A question from me: How do you join this website?- how do you become a member? –

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