So many cool stuff!

Well the post says it all, there’s a LOT of cool things in buildabear, if you can’t get on buildabear because ur computer is being slow, it’s because of all the massive updated buildabear put in, but don’t worry, you’ll be on soon!

So now, the captions will say it all below, I hope you like all the BEARTASTIC! Updates…


New Jonas Quest, start at the Pawforming Arts Center!


Get back to school with classmates all around, and get bearbills! And Prizes!


Check out the Skate Park, it’s like brand-new again and improved!


Read the New Bearville Times, gotta love it!


Check Out the Coffee Shop for a new page of food!


Go to the Map and click this button to go different places around buildabear!


Now the last thing (aww!) Is that your To-do list is BACK! YAY!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed,

Sincerely, AJ


2 Responses

  1. umm….Aj the note is actually found in Waterfall lake not the waterfall

  2. the polka dots quest began

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