The Carnival and Lots More!

It’s soo cool! I love it, Check this out!Photobucket

The Whole carnival, it looks awesome right? I know, and if you go to the boardwalk, you can play a game it’s like ring the bell, when you play it, if you get full strenth when hitting it, you get your own bell for your cub condo! Now here’s more!

Vote for the new Island name!
Ride the Feris Wheel, and get a cool move!
Take the ferry to the Carnival!
Go to the Spooky Kooky Fun House! (the traveling market WAS there yesterday, but not now)
New places? Cool, they look cute!

That’s all for now, until more news, see ya later furries!

This is AJ, signing off.

Sincerely, AJ


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