Rainforest Cafe, Plus Friendship Party!

Well, we all know one thing, my Rainforest Cafe, is now open for buisness, take a look…


Pretty Sweet right? I know, I’m fabulous lol!

But then, we know another thing, were not getting along my furries, Were forgetting about the “Circle of Friendship” now I know your wondering, “What?!?” but we are, when we walk into the parks of “FRIENDSHIP Forest” What’s going through your minds are, “That’s just a circle” well no it’s NOT! That circle means the power of friendship, and just to show you what I’m talking about, I’m talking about this circle down below…


Once you walk into the circle, you should know the word of “Friendship” so that’s why I’m throwing a Friendship party right here in friendship forest, if you are the first 5 people to come, you will get one friendship bracelet!

So until I have a time and date, I will be going to see ya later furries, BYE!

Sincerely, AJ


2 Responses

  1. Not quite the theme, but the site loads truly slow. Something wrong with your server ?

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