TONS to catch up on!

Alright sorry again and so sorry! We need some things to catch up on!

New Paws Fur Nature: Owls

Q: What is the largest Owl?
A: Eurasion Owl

Q: True or False? All Owls Comunicate with hoots
A: False

Q: A group of owls is called…
A: Paraliament

Then you get a Fashonable “Purple Owl Shirt” for your character!

Cyber Saftey Quiz: By Pawlette Coufur!

Take the saftey quiz! All’s you need to do is find the orange cone by Pawlette in the Furblous Fashion District! When you’re finished, you get this big orange cone hat for passing the quiz!

New Secret Area!

Now there’s a new secret area…
How to get to it? Go to the sunshine Shores cave and click on the first palm tree to the front to get to it!

Buying Party rooms?

yes, now since babv got new and improved ones (zoo, fashion show, and rock n roll room) They decided to have the old one’s to buy! How to buy: Go to the Lumbear yard, located next to the Furbulous Fashion District, or the Pawforming Arts center, go inside, and buy them in the “rooms” section. They are 5000 bb each, so start saving! You can still have these party rooms by planing a party at your local buildabear workshop store, or planning online at or for UK:

Sincerely, AJ


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