Sorry I haven’t been posting.

yeah I really am, I had a busy week, and so no one came to the carnival, but, now there will be an admission fee, and there will be costs for food too, why am I doing this? because every 50 bear bills (one person) counts as 50 cents that will be used to buy food, toys, and other things, to help the animals in my nearby shelter, so here are the fees:

Admission Fee: 50 bear bills (per person)

drinks are 10 bearbills, food is 20 bearbills, and deserts,(like icecream, cake pie, etc.) are 30 bearbills.

bearbills for food is also counting to go to shelters.


We will be having a drawing for a full month “Fun For Free” carnival, it’s easy as 1,2,3!

1. Please leave your buildabearville name here,

2. Wait for your ticket number,

3. And wait until I do the drawing and announce the winners!

there will be three winners in all, and I am playing this fair, I promise, there will be no peeking in the drawing, if you don’t win, try next time we have one, there will be at least 3 drawings for the carnival!

Sincerely, AJ


20 Responses

  1. I tried to come to the carnival. I kept on checking if you were on but, you weren’t.

  2. i had to go on a hotel with my mom and dad so sorry 😦

  3. Hi Aj!!!! Long time, no speak. 🙂
    I was the same as cyrus BTW –

  4. Oops! I mean…

    Hi Aj!!! Long time, no speak. I was the same as cyrus btw, I kept checking.
    Anyway, my bearville name is Katieadventurebear23. (for draw)
    Also I Joined Fantage. I think i’m addicted. 😀
    It’s awesome – I love the fashion shows most! I am called Katiecuddly on it. What are you called on it?
    Katie x 🙂 🙂

  5. Sorry i forgot plus i had to go some where.

    Babv name:BabyButtercup5.

  6. ticket numbers:

    BabyButtercup5: T700839

    KatieAdventureBear23: T156342

    they were randomly chosen numbers

  7. keep these safe

  8. babv name -Nikkyrockstar

  9. NikkyRockstar: T167840

  10. babv name – CyrusBearFurshion5

  11. CyrusBearFurshion5: T535287

  12. babv name – AishaAdorable111

  13. BABV Name:JulianeBubbles

  14. AishaAdorable111: T679203

    JulianeBubbles: T472955

  15. BABV Name-Milagrossofurbulous

  16. Babv name: Marycuddles23

  17. MilagrosSoFurbulous: T738572

    MelissaRockstar101: T847219

  18. KristyFebruary1: T929472

  19. aj, your frameing alishia.what did she ever do to you?huh?huh? you Just want attention.

  20. NICK! Knock it off! She told me I should have charges! She made fun of my…. 😥 😥 😥 Dog THAT DIED OF CANCER! 😥 😥 😥 *sniff* you can ask Juliane about this! NOW THAT YOU MADE ME BRING UP DAKOTA I’M SAD!!!!!!! ASK ANYBODY BUT ALISHA ALISHA IS A LIER AND A MEANIE!!!!!!!!!

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