Yes, the first Cub Condo, CARNIVAL! It’s loads of fun! A couple of us today even tried it out this morning, and it was loads of fun and games! So here’s the schedual!

Date: July 4th, 2009
Time: All day! (Even late at night)
Server: America
Den: Cub Cove
Where: My Cub Condo Backyard,(foodcourt) and Patio (carnival games/rides)
Meeting Place: My chabox

Why am I doing it on the 4th of July? Well first of all, it’d be loads of fun during babv’s 4th of July celebration, and Camp Happy heart.
But my stupid town here is BANNING fireworks! So I’ll probably be on the computer all day watching VIRTUAL fireworks (that’s even if they put some on!) and running the carnival and going to camp happy heart!


1. Only 5 people at a time per 5 minutes in my condo
2. If I say (someone) switch with (someone) after the time is up, do it
3. With the “duck pond game” be reaslistic with the numbers

If you don’t follow these rules for what I’m expecting, you will be banned for 1-3 weeks.

How to play the games(patio/games):

Duck Pond Game: It’s really simple, you just hook 3 ducks, and there will be numbers, if the numbers add up to one-hundred or more, you win a prize (one prize per person)

Buildabearville Guitar Hero: This is simple too, just step up onto the stage with a partner or only you, and be realistic too don’t just say “I won I won I won”

Merry-Go-Round: grab a horse, make your furry friend “Follow You” and when I say “Go!” on babv, we run around the carolcell, until I say “Stop” that means the ride is done.

How to “Buy” things(backyard/food court):

Buying Balloons: If you want to buy a balloon, go up to the balloon stand and get a balloon out of your inventory and walk off with it (balloon rides can work too)

Buying Food: If your hungry and want to eat, go up to the food court stand and ask on the chatbox (private chat me for your meal) and wait until I say in the Private chat “Here’s your order” then sit down at one of the tables.

Well, that’s all for now, until then toodles!

Sincerely, AJ


6 Responses

  1. wow i bet its going to be alot of funn! 🙂

  2. i am so going. i have a question. when your 5 minutes are over can you come back later?

  3. Cyrus,
    yes you can. what you do is, when I tell you to switch, I’ll still have a timer with me, every time the timer goes off, I set it again, when the timer goes off, the same two people switch. It worked really good last time, that’s why, if your at my party, you have to be at my chatbox, so I can tell, and keep track.

  4. can i be the clown lol?

  5. i furgot… going on holiday on the 13th ill miss everyone! and thnx for not doing it on the 13th, i might be3 able to come on once in a while though………….

  6. so sorry i’m at a girl guiding camp this weekend i hope you understand

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