Buildabear Bras??? Are you joking!?!

No, I am not joking, now girls wear buildabear bras, just look, get one of those sleeveless shirts and look! It’s Green and Blue striped bras! Now that’s just wronger than no bra under! Although… if boys have to wear them too…. HA HA HA HA HA!!! That’s funny

Sincerely, AJ

Mood: Laughing, but mad


17 Responses

  1. LOL!That’s kind of like I-Carly.Build-A-Bra.LOL!!!!

  2. Can you please post a picture of the shirt????

  3. I was trying on an outfit with leggings, and there was underwear, too!

  4. seriously!?!? I’ll brb

  5. ugh, ur right, but WHY!?!?! LoL!

  6. OMG…It’s true! I’m a child, why would I wanna wear…that?

  7. i saw that!! I told you build a bearville would push the envelope. lol. I dont think they wanted the shirt to look like that. But maybe they did…………. who knows………..

  8. I know Alina, I won’t have to have one of those until maybe I’m 13?

  9. umm i have no clue what ur talking about AJ/\…

  10. That is……, what is the right word for this?????????? Horrible, not appropriate! LOLZ

  11. I was wearing a bathing suit, and I was wearing a bra!

  12. Yeah if you have no bear, it’s like more visable! It’s good having a bear…

  13. where do u get the sleeveless shirt from

  14. ITS TORTURE!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

  15. ARGH!

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