Beach Party!!!

Hey Y’all! Ok next Saturday, we are going to have the most AWESOMEST Beach Party!!!!!! It will include a high package of Fun!!! There’s only one problem, I was talking with Aisha and Gabbie the other day and they said “Only five people at a condo at a time” so, if that’s the case, some people will have to switch out with other people so everyone can have some fun. Also, since we already have ONE party crasher, there will be a list of people who can come…

1. AJ (SashaPawfect7)
2. Autumn (KristyFebruary1)
3. Juliane (JulianeBubbles)
4. Gabbie (GabbieGreen28, Gabbs, or Jess)
5. Aisha (AishaOrCathy)
6. Jasmin (JasminZebra6)
7. Nikky (NikkyRockstar)
8. Sarah (Sarah2Cool)
9. Miranda (MirandaMusicLuver)
10. Milagros (MilagrosSoFurbulous)
11. Daisy (DaisyCuddles206)
12. Katie (KatieAdventureBear3)
13: Francesca (FrancescaAugust5)

This isn’t in any order, it’s just the list of people, I’ll choose who can switch with who depending on the amount of time they’ve had in the party.

We will be meeting on my chatbox, no party crashers alowed!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2009
Time: 10:30 AM (PST) (Same as Club Penguin Time)
Server: USA
Den: Cub Cove
Clothing: Swimsuit, and Casual Outfit

Snacks and drinks will be in my backyard.

I hope everybody has fun!

Sincerely, AJ

Mood: Sleepy…


32 Responses

  1. YAY!

  2. It’s me Katie…
    It’s OK – you guys have fun. It’s your party so you can invite anyone you want. I’m serious – I just want you to know its Ok…

  3. oh I’m sorry Katie, I meant to put you on the list but I didn’t have time because my mom was telling me to get off the computer, I’ll put you on there now!

  4. thx for inviting me!

  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AJ you are the best, girl!!!! you ROCK!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    mood: Overjoyed!!!!

  6. Yay thanks a ton for inviting me!

  7. how can we be invited to be in your party? If you dont want me to be invited its ok. ^^

  8. Mary, this was kinda a party for people I’ve known in babv for a while now, now u just came around the corner, srry but maybe next time which won’t be long.

  9. i am so coming!! =]

  10. oh ok

  11. yay! mary don’t feel bad next time we promise see ya aj yay ur the best im glad we are sister’s

  12. wat is 10:30 in eastern time??

  13. wat time is 10:30 in eastern standard time?

  14. OMG! I’m so sorry Francesca!!! You should have told me before! I’m putting your name right on the list now!

    Harper, it’s 10:30 am PACIFIC time and you can’t come anyways sorry!

    Miranda, like I said 10:30 PACIFIC time, and thanks for letting me know because…


    Everybody who’s invited to the party, let me get a head count on who’s comming! Because there will be gifts, and dont just come for gifts, if you do, you’ll get a imidiate 36 hr. ban from my chatbox and site!

  15. girl aj i don’t come for gifts i come cause of you girl you know i will never miss it for the world i might come cause i got bible school fair so hopally i’ll come 😀

  16. sorry AJ! I was making a website and I forgot I made my name Harper”sIslandFan, sorry! I can come, but it willl be like 7:30 where I live.

  17. not invited 😦

  18. I don’t know if I can come, AJ. I live in eastern standard time and it will be like 7:30. but I’ll try to make it.

  19. hi edward i love ur character on babv

  20. (love)

  21. i was making sure wat that was but it won’t work

  22. wah i wanted 2 be invited 😦 well TTYL……..

  23. its ok edward. I didnt even get to go. ={ don’t feel bad. I cant even get on my babv account!!!

  24. omg i think i missed it

  25. Cathy, you didn’t cmon it’s in 10 minutes!

  26. ok!

  27. It’s apparently going on now (I’m not there, but I am on BABV)

  28. Oh, can I just pop by to say hello?

  29. Sorry if I misspell something. I’m on my iPod touch and it’s like 1:30 in the morning. Sorry I missed it. It’s because of my stupid BABV account!!! LOL. Please post pictures. I would love to see wat it looked like! =]

  30. i got my babv account info!!!!

  31. new outfit at the furbulous fashion district shop thingy place. lol.

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