Very Sad AJ…

*Sniff* This happens everytime! Look!

Every time I show up somewhere where Maxine is, she leaves!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, AJ

Mood: Very, Very sad.


7 Responses

  1. Aww that stinks

  2. yeah no kidding.

  3. I don’t think ‘maxinebearylucky’ is her because when you make a new babv person you can choose that name and maxine name is maxineclarkCEB. 😀 just letting you know!

  4. nope. maxinebearylucky is her name

  5. Oh lol sorry

  6. yeah, Maxine has 2 names MaxineClarkCEB, and MaxineBearyLucky, didn’t you know?

  7. hi guys aj i can’t come to ur party 😦 this really stinks hi edward looking fresh today lol

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