The “Planet Changers”

Do you think the planet is getting to where it’s too polluted? It’s time to take action then, each month, there will be a task to take care of our planet, and each month, you can save, and earn money and help the pollution, and the financial crisis  for our planet, which is a home for everyone. So grab a friend, or a family member, and make a change each month. The Planet Changers is where you can sign up and pledge to make the world, a better place.

June’s Task: Recycle everything that you can, if you made a mistake on a paper, and can’t fix it, don’t throw it away and get another one, use the backside of the page, and recycle the paper that’s left after you’ve done a craft or project. Don’t throw away any soda cans, water bottles, ect. Buy a recycle bin and throw them in there, or if your using a water bottle, re-use it. Any left over food can be used for fresh soil, so then, you don’t have to buy any soil from the store for gardening by throwing your left over food in a churner.

I am AJ and I pledge to this task to make the world a better place.

Sincerely, AJ

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8 Responses

  1. This got me thinking AJ, Jasmin and I could start our own charity! I would recycle cans while Jasmin could plant plants. We could do all this just by people donating bear bills to keep the process going. We help the environment and save extra cash!

  2. I will help too. I will donate 100 bear bills.

  3. thx you guys, this really means a lot

  4. no problem. im into helping the planet.

  5. Thats a great idea!

  6. AJ, I noticed a few interesting things on BABV that you dont have on your site, so if you would like to see, look at Thanks!

  7. Sarah! Cmon the prom is still going!!!!!

  8. hey how do u get people to go to your blog. ❤

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