BABV Character Graphics…

OK this might be a little gross, but today here’s a picture of what I’ve noticed about Buildabear’s Character graphics…

Ya see that there, the first box (top red box) has a really low top and makes your character look like they have… you know, I’m not gonna say it you guys would probably know the word.

The second box (bottom red box) is what I like to call “Skirts going mini” as you can see it looks like babv’s skirts are going out of hand by being too mini.

Now, YOU VOTE!!!

Sincerely, AJ


12 Responses

  1. i totally agree!!!

  2. just wait, you know the leopard bikini’s for bears? just wait, I know there gonna makje that

  3. yep. totally. this is starting to creep me out…… I wonder whats gonna happen next…… cool picture.

  4. i was thinking about buying this outfit. maybe I won’t…………

  5. yeah kinda *cough* scary.

    you know that new swimsuit? gee whiz, it makes you look fatter than what your buildabear character is! Doesn’t it? what’s next? are they gonna show the “line” between the two… you know, I don’t really like to say the words it’s in your upper chest area you know…. anyways, I bet they’re gonna make a crop shirt next… it’s a shirt that shows your whole stomach, but not your chest and stuff like that. I don’t doubt they won’t.

  6. I want them to make bikinis

  7. i saw the new bathingsuit. i totally agree. i bet babv wont go that far but still……

  8. Lol Ya! 😆 😀 🙂 XD xD

  9. X) x)

  10. (my name is after my fav book)
    A bit..i was on PollDaddy when i found this site…
    i bet you they will make you know…Never Mind…:D XD

  11. I saw a really rare character and she had the… you know thing that covers your chest!

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