Break Time!

Whoo-hoo! Finally a break! No I’m just kidding I’ll miss you guys if I get a vacation, which I am! I’ll be gone through…
June 2009:
June 4th—–gone! (going to wonderland and girl scout “plan a sleepover”)
June 5th—–gone! (Girl Scout Sleepover)
June 6th—–gone! (My brother’s graduation)
June 7th—–gone! (Brothers are visiting)
June 8th—–gone! (Brothers are visiting)
June 9th—–gone! (Brothers are visiting)
June 13th—-gone! (saying goodbye to my friends at school for the summer)
wow, big break I know, but sadly enough, it’s either blog, or family, I CHOOSE FAMILY! You’d know how it would be if your brothers or sisters came up here and you haven’t seen them forever, you’d want to visit them. Sorry guys, but I have no choice but to!
Sincerely, AJ

5 Responses

  1. I didn’t know you were in Girl Scouts?!?! So am I!! =]

  2. really? Cool! If you were in a group in Colorado, we pen-paled you guys, I have a girl named Hannah as my pen pal!

  3. cool. I have a pen pal in Japan. Her name is Megumi.

  4. cool but seriously, break time for me! I GTG I have to start working on my meeting cya y’all later in about, maybe 2 weeks, sorry but BIG plans ok cya I’ll miss you guys!

  5. cool picture. we’ll miss you too!!!!

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