Guys, Guys, GUYS!!!

I’m getting real sick and tired of answering questions that are just irritating! I already got 8 spam comments in one night!!! I’ll answer those questions, after that NO MORE SILLY QUESTIONS!

Q: How do you get the celebration move?
A: You could only get it when Pawlette’s B-day arived in April

Q: What Help Page!?!
A: It’s right below the “Blog”

Q: Is there going to be Prom King and Queen?
A: I am not answering that question, if I haven’t let you guys see a sneek peak of the prom, it could be a SURPRISE!!!

Q: When is the prom again?
A: Go look on the “Buildabear Prom…” It says EVERYTHING!

See what I have to put up with? and that’s not all I have to do, so give me some slack would y’all?

Sincerely, doesn’t want to ask another question for the day, AJ


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