Scammer Already!?!?!

Ok, MOST of you guys have heard “AJ and AJAllHeart got in a fight and also Mia did too!” and now, there’s a scammer on Mia and AJAllheart’s site here’s the comment:

If you don’t believe me, look at on her “Comment Page COMMENT” first one there, if anybody works there, please click on their IP code to track down the adress, I don’t want anybody scamming me cause that’s rude! and everybody knows that’s MY picture but not MY name!

Sincerely, ANGRY, AJ

PS: By the time you see this my picture will probably be changed!


3 Responses

  1. um i no the email that they used aj

  2. Anyway Aj, I got your e-mails and I will reply to them A.S.A.P. Also that is terrible what they did! You have to find out who did that to you.

  3. Oh ok. and yeah, the owner of the site, I talked to her on my chatbox and tried to match it, the person used the email mine’s

    But still, we’re trying to get the most possible info about it. I don’t want anybody scamming me cause I know someone did that to you didn’t they!?!?! Well anyways I hope you can do another bear Broadcast ’cause I can’t wait! alright TTYL! if you check back into this I’ll be on my chatbox, it’s located on the Chat Page!

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