Buildabearville Prom…

Ok, maybe some of your older borther(s) or sister(s) are going to the prom, maybe some of you guys are, maybe you already have, but for the first time, we will be having a Buildabear prom! and so now, you guys have to decide, cause, I can’t it’s too hard, what i should wear, i have came down to 2 choices…

Now you decide, you’ll know the colors!

Forget about the “Other” I won’t take “Others” it’s just the stupid thing won’t get rid of it so don’t even bother! ok so here’s the schedual, oh and if you don’t have someone to go to the prom, go by yourself, have fun it’s alright! and I have one rule, I don’t wanna see anyboy crying out there!

Date: June, 7th, 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00 pm Pacific Time (Pacific Time is the same as Club Penguin time)
Den: Cub Cove
Where: My Cub Condo
Room: Patio
Username: SashaPawfect7
Clothing: Prom clothing

The reason why it’s soo later is because so if someone DOESN’T have a partner, they can get one if they want, or they can come without, doesn’t matter!


Sincerely, AJ

PS: Make sure you wear some kind of bracelet for a band on your wrist!


41 Responses

  1. Hey! Sorry I’m not logged on but those oufits are Beautiful!

  2. Actually, thats kinda weird I am logged in.

  3. Thx! I asked my mom to see if she could narrow i down, she said Hot Pink… It’s cute, but IDK! oh and also, there will be a type of “Photo Booth” for prom pictures! you’ll know what it is!

  4. … ok I changed my publicity name to AJ now so thank gosh! now people won’t go screwing up my full name going reneeaj or whatever! ok heheh!

  5. Ha ha! AJ, guess what?

  6. Alright who put other!?!?! I said I won’t take those!

  7. This is a responce to loljk whatever his name is! I did not Approve his comment because he had a bad use of language againced me! (He’s done this to Juliane before)

    OK, I’m not gonna put up with this, and if I’m so dumb, how did I make a blog!?!? Huh?!? Thought so! And besides I’m 11, and if ur gonna comment, It won’t show up so go away! I’ll ignore the comment, because I am who I am and that means I’m not stupid, or 5 years old, I am a horse rider who is 11 years old and I bet your 5! So bye bye go away!

  8. I’m all set with my clothes! Anybody wanna come with me? I’m a boy.

  9. woops i meant edwardbearysmart not edwardsbearysmart

  10. This may sound crazy but, I’ll go with you if you want Edward…

  11. I will too!

  12. i still can’t believe juliane closed her site! =[
    i went to all her parties and stuff…..
    great site

  13. hot pink, definately

  14. I will go with you Edward!!

  15. Girls, Girls! Really, it’s Edward’s choice, after all, if we all go for him it turns out like this:

    War- We hate each other- Edward gets mad and won’t go with any of us!

    I meant to say this the other day, but my computer got screwed up!

    Sincerely, AJ

  16. i agree with aj

  17. Yeah, Edward should be able to decide who he wants to go with.

  18. See! At least someone agrees, for a moment I thought that everyone would think I would want him to go with my by saying that, but I didn’t mean that at all. I’m just trying to not put in a fight over tons of peeps!

  19. i totally agree! im still looking for someone to go with. don’t feel bad if you dont have anyone to go with. =) I’m right there with ya!!!! –{–@ <— a rose

  20. i really don’t know…

  21. Well Edward, I’m going with someone else already so, yeah

  22. Hi I’m new to these sites.I was wondering whats a good look for a prom?

  23. Well welcome to Special Furry Fun Lexie! I’m AJ, the site’s official owner. And to answer that question, I’d say, wear something fancy (like a dress) but not Mix-n-match colors, just wear a formal dress plus maybe some matching accessories!

  24. when is it again???? BTW…. Welcome lexie

  25. nmv…. i found when the prom was
    ||(~)|| <—– a monkey

  26. Thanks AJ. Good thing I have a lot of dresses.Funny, mirandamusicluver3

  27. Thanks Lexie! You can call me Miranda or Music if you like. (it’s easier than typing mirandamusicluver3) but if you like saying mirandamusicluver3, don’t let me stop you. Here is an even better one:

    (=^_^=) <— A Cat

  28. love the new picture AJ!!

  29. Thx Miranda! I just got bored so heheh…

  30. Hey… Is there some kind of thing we need to do like RSVP or something? Because I really want to go now that I really can go to prom!

  31. If any boy wants to go with me i am open to anyone!

  32. ……no Gabby, and would you guys ask on the Help Page for pete sake!?!?! I made those for a reason!

  33. its cool picture. are we gonna do prom king and queen?

  34. ask what on the help page??

  35. Roar just asking!

  36. There is a new code. It is: YOUR-FREE-GIFT
    I saw it on the Build a Bearville commercial.
    It’s an emotion.

  37. GabbieGreen28 here AJ!

    Just wanted to let you know, I’ll be coming all right! I can’t wait to see you!

  38. June 7th is a Sunday.

  39. which day is it on? saturday or sunday????

  40. Sorry I missed the party! I was working on my music video and I completely forgot!

  41. As you know you didn’t miss it but cmon guys the prom is still going hurry!!!!!!

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