Safe Open Chat Back!?!?!

Well, not exactly, I sent in a email to them saying quote:

Hello there, I’m SashaPawfect7 with a beary great idea to get Safe Open Chat back on to buildabearville! You see, a lot of citizens miss the Safe Open Chat, some of my friends even said quote: “Buildabearville is all about having good socializing with other people around the world, right?” and I believe that’s true, but with Instant chat you can Bearly do that with any citizen, and people loved doing music videos and it took them about. 5 minutes right? Now it takes about a half hour to make a 2 minute music video, so anyways, to get Safe Open Chat back, I suggest, People can say messages, but a Jr. Cyber Guide, has to except or decline the message, and lots of beary pawsome Jr. Cyber Guides are on every day any time! So, the message a player is saying to another, comes up to the closest Jr. Cyber guide, and says the sentence or word they’re saying, and if it comes out breaking the rules, press report player, then decline the message! On, the other hand, Jr. Cyber Guides, Can say anything the  open safe chat gives them to use only in the safe open chat, like last year! We can see the Jr.Cyber guides are very helpful for a citizen of buildabearville, and for one I am a Jr. Cyber Guide, and I follow the Jr. Cyber Guide law, and I think everybody else who’s a Jr. Cyber Guide, is too! Through out the days I was a Jr. Cyber Guide since November 16th 2008, I never saw a Jr. Cyber Guide being rude, or disrespectful, maybe you have, but I think the buildabear team has tooken care of it. I hope my idea works, one of my friends named JulianeBubbles, she has a blog and she has a Petition, and there’s over 300 signatures!

Bear Hugs,


they responded saying they get sent to bear headquarters (maxine) and so they said if they get the same idea so many times, they’ll let it go! I don’t want ANYBODY using my letter, they’ll know, so say something nice like Hi this is (babv username) and blah blah blah but don’t use my letter, it won’t work. so if you want open chat back, get a hold on ALL your friends on babv telling them to send the idea to , and then, we’ll probably get open chat back! and I know EVERYONE loves it!

Sincerely, AJ


3 Responses

  1. Good idea! Thanks AJ!

  2. I wish we could. So ya, I have 3 email accounts so I can send 3 emails!

  3. hey girllll you rock!!!!!! lol can’t wait to see you soon love the one and only faith hudgensZ!

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