Science Fair Trouble…

Ok guys, I need your help, I need a Science Project due by May 20th, ’09  and it HAS to involve the Scientific Prosess, and I can’t think of anything, help me with ideas if you can, I really want to get a good grade on this and win 1st prize! ok TTYL!

Sincerely, AJ


13 Responses

  1. uhhhhh umm err make a chimcal reaction idk aaaaaaaaaah!

  2. I have a good idea…. wait

  3. You should see what grows plants better:
    Water, soda, milk, juice, blah blah blah

    You should see which one works best, by watering them each day and stuff

  4. Good Idea Sarah but, plants take about 30 days to sprout and the science fair is on May 20th so my teacher said no plants

  5. Oh

  6. Make an electtrical circut and try seeing what objects pass through electricity

  7. yes! ha ha! thx Sarah!

  8. Wait, you’re doing that? Really? Wow! I did that for a practice Science Fair and I got a blue ribbon! I hope you do good!

  9. i hope its not 2 late u could doa model of the human body and it pumping like the heart and pulse pumping

  10. LOL We’re doing what Sarah said at school! We’re testing which objects let electricity through and which don’t! LOL. Cool!

  11. How about growing bread mold. Have 36 peices of bread, and put water, coke, and nothing on the other one. Put them in bags. Wait a couple of days and see if you have any mold. I did this for my school.

  12. Thx guys but I already decided Sarah’s choice, so ideas are now closed srry guys! there great though!

  13. i know all them

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