Preview Of Bearville Times…

Here’s a peak at bearville news, you can get the whole bearville times by going into your PDA and clicking news!
Photobucket” alt=”” />

                                                                             Sincerely, AJ


11 Responses

  1. aj there is a special glitch i thought u might wanna post on your site:D everyone turns naked when you put yur joker outfit on lol!

  2. :O ewwwww…

  3. hahaha i know!

  4. Catlynn + Syd, probably only on your account, cause I tried!

  5. Haha, the glitch ended like 30 minutes lata. katie posted a post about it just search in her blog funny clothes make you naked! haha its lol.

    hey everyone visit our new and best ever blog!

  6. AJ if u need any help with this blog ~updating ectt…~ I would love to be an editor my e-mail is

  7. AJ Juliane wants me to tell you that BladeSierra’s password is the same as her photobucket account password.

  8. Also Aj, you can keep BladeSierra including all my BABV Codes on my code page, all the help on my quest page, and the Bubbly Spy Missions too. Just make sure you give a little credit on the side.You can keep everything of mine, just make sure you put it on your blog.

  9. oh ok. um… Gosh I had something on my mind I was gonna ask but I can’t remember… oh! If you see this can you go on my Chat Page and click the chatbox link go large? Like on this Saturday at…hmmm let’s see three hours different from Washington to New York so… 12:30 pm Pacific? I’m getting bored so ya.

  10. ok not to be mean AJ but no! Don’t be all sweet and try to kiss up to the boss ya know, read my rules page before you do anything, if you don’t, you may slightly get no warning, and then a week ban!

  11. Who AJ?

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