New Destionations

OK you all see at the top me on a water skier thingy, well here’s how you get to it, which brings us to our new topic, New destionations!
1. Go to Sunshine Shores:Photobucket
2. Click on the water skier:Photobucket

3. Go pick a home to go to:Photobucket


1. Go to your map:Photobucket

2. scroll all the way down,

3. click beach front homes:Photobucket

That’s all for now TTYL,

Sincerely, AJ


3 Responses

  1. No offense but I don’t think it is fair that you are using my photobucket account for your blog & you never wrote that info on my site. I only let you use my photobucket account for you to use for my blog. You could have wrote this information for my blog & you can use those pictures for your site too. Oh well, it does not matter anyway… I am just saying.

  2. oops! Sorry Juliane, I just forgot about it because I made the blog, then I had to go to a B-day Party, and then blah blah blah happened! Again really sorry!

  3. yay! Ok now i don’t have to use your photobucket account anymore, I just had to say I was 18 and it let me in whoo!

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